Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good heavens, what a wonky week it has been.  I was without my trusty car for 2 days while it was locked inside my garage.  I belong to the Artful Hands quilt group here in town. We meet every Wednesday and I was excited that I could go for awhile before I had to be at work.I went out to  the garage and  the door would not go up.  Not panicking yet, I tried several times to open it up.  I went back inside and found the box of keys that my landlady gave me four years ago when I first moved in.  It is full of keys that I have no idea what they belong to but I tried them all on the garage door to see if I could open it with a key.   Nope, not even.  I texted my landlady and then decided that I would work on my cross stitching till I had to leave for work.  My daughter took me and a friend from work gave me a ride home that night.  Thurs my son in law picked me up so I could be at work at 7 a.m. I hate  being without wheels and dependent on others for a ride.  In the meantime, the landlady and her hubby come over and forced the door up until he could get in and trip a switch so that it overrides the automatic opener and we can manually open it.  I walked home from work and with the help of two strong neighbor guys, I got my car out so I have wheels again!  The garage door is still not fixed but at least I can get my errands done and go to work.
Haven't done much on my Christmas Cardinals this week either.  I must have slept at a funny angle one night because I have such a neck ache that it is hard to do anything.  So, here is my progress on the Cardinals; the female is not as vibrant as the male and she is tucked away on a branch. I finished a Homespun Elegance cross stitch design today that I started last month.  I am going to make it into an ornament for my grandson for Christmas 2012.   He loves Snowmen.

I am hoping that all is back to normal this next week.  We are done with inventory at work so the overtime that the company expected us to work is a thing of the past and now this week the store cut hours to make payroll.  My hours were cut 3 hours yesterday so I came home early, did some laundry, and took a nap.  Tomorrow I hope to work some more on the Cardinals and I need to cut out some quilt blocks for my Veterans quilt.  I am also quilting a customer's top but I've had to rest from that to let my neck heal.  Maybe some pictures of my quilt squares will be posted tomorrow - yea!  Until then, happy stitching to everyone. 

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  1. I have just discovered your blog. Your cardinal piece is coming along nicely. I am also stitching this piece. It will be fun to watch your progress as I started mine in the center.\
    I have a lot stitched on the flowers.
    Looking forward to watching your progress
    joyce c f /TX